More rules for my password? Ugh.

Logging into my blog today and I couldn’t remember my password! (Guess it has been a few weeks, oops.) I can’t explain how many times a week I have to reset my password for all the sites I go to, whether it is baby sites for coupons, buying crap online, my email account, my school email account… I can NOT keep any of my passwords straight. I used to have this one password that I used for all of them.. until every site gave you new rules for your password. One upper case letter, 3 numbers, no birthdays, no this, no that… It is seriously getting on my nerves!

Sorry WordPress, you guys are definitely part of this rant.. Password strength? Ugh. This is new… Who are you guys to judge my password??? C’mon!

Oh, and there are ways to get around forgetting? I don’t think so.. good try hackers! It isn’t like I am going to write down all of my passwords on a piece of paper because I loose my wallet about twice a week as it is and I am not going to use the app on my phone for it because I loose that too and even if I didn’t, there are plenty of hackers out there. 

Am I alone in this? I feel like I am going crazy here. 



  1. Renard Moreau · · Reply

    [ Smiles ] I suggest that you write it in your diary; that way, you would have easy access to your password in case you forget it.

    1. Thanks Renard! If only i kept one! Maybe I should consider starting one. Eeeek.

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