No wonder there are event planners! Or Jewish mothers.

I am currently planning my daughter’s Baby Naming. A little backround info: This is a Jewish Tradition where the parents gives their children another name, except this time in Hebrew. It follows them through out the course of their Jewish schooling/religon.

I am new to this whole party planning crap. I mean, who would have known how much effort it involves to put together a simple Jewish ceremony? Well, clearly, my mother. And her mother.

Every day since I told my mom that my Cantor, my husband, and I all decided on a date, my phone has been flooded with constant reminders.

Texts from my grandma (yes, she is almost 80 and she is “hip” get over it):

“the Jewel or Dominicks will make sheet cake with Jewish star and flowers, maybe Costco.”

Well good morning to you too grandma… Sheesh.

Phone calls from my mom (mostly voice mails because lets face it, we knew what she was going to say):

“Honey, please don’t forget to call the deli and get prices on bagels and lox. We don’t want people to starve.”

“Oh, one more thing. Have you heard back from all your Aunts and Uncles? Maybe they don’t know how to work those Evite things.”

“Sweetheart, are you getting these messages? Maybe I’ll text you.”


It is exhausting.

Okay.  Well. Maybe it is because I am a new mother and I am not used to planning many events yet…

But this thing has bit my in the hiney. I mean it. With out my mother helping me and reminding me to follow up on things: buy the Manischewitz, dry clean baby’s dress, get the challah, follow up on responses, etc. I didn’t realize how many little things add up to one big party!


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