Hunting down WubbaNubs

So yes, I do have that new mommy disease where I go to extreme lengths in order to provide my little darling with just about everything she wants. Or since she is 7 months old, what I think she wants… With that being said…

She loves WubbaNubs. They are these very expensive, but very well made, pacifiers that have little teeny plush animals attached to them. They helped my daughter learn to put her paci back in her mouth all on her own. Yes, I have it recorded on my phone; don’t judge me. On top of that, they also rarely fall out of her crib! WubbaNubs are a God sent and even if they were twice as expensive as they already are, I would still buy them.

Anyway, they aren’t sold everywhere. Most likely because they are over priced; you can probably get 6 regular pacifiers for just the one Nub. They do actually sell them at Babies’R’Us but very slim pickin’s. My daughter deserves everything, remember?

So I been going to local children boutiques in these fancy shmancy North-shore suburbs I live in to see if they have any. Many don’t, some do, but not the animals I want or don’t already have. If you must know, I want a monkey, a lamb, and a long-horn bull (Husband is originally from Texas, thought he would appreciate it.)

Finally, after about 10 phone calls, 3 different stops, I got a hold of a place that had the lamb in stock the next city over from where I live. I figure since my dad wanted to go to the dollar store (I did mention I am Jewish, right?) in the same city, we can make a quick stop a block over.

As my dad is putting his large amount of cheap off-brand items into his wagon, I go on with my daughter and walk over into this little boutique. I didn’t get past the doorway. I was struck by two older women leaving the store; one with a big feathery hat, another with this huge gaudy pin on her chest. Was that a diamond bird? dragon? No clue.

Hat lady: “Oh.. My.. Gosh! What do we have hear?”

Pin lady: “Oh isn’t she just the cutest thing!”

Myself: “Well thank you. Have a gre-”

Cut-off by a third old lady with glasses: “She is just precious! Oh and her earrings! Look how beautiful she is.”

Myself: Fake chuckle. “Thanks.”

Another old lady joins in.  Did their Mahjong game just finish? How in the world are all these women cornering me?!

The new lady: “Oh I remember when my Jimmy was just that tiny. Don’t you take these moments for granted.”

Myself: “Oh I don’t. Well, I better -” Cut off again..

“Judy, don’t you remember when……” And then these four old ladies continue to talk (without any input from me) for I swear at least five more minutes reminiscing about their own days as a new mom.

Then finally my dad walks in, or well, he bumps into me because I am still in the doorway unable to get through. I thought he would be my savior from these ladies.. I was wrong.

The Golden Girls: “Oh this must be the lucky father!”

“She is just so well behaved. I just love how big her eyes are.”

“You’ve done well, Dad.”

“She looks just like you. Whatta looker.”

Now, this took me a second. At first, I was thinking, “Yes, he is my dad. She does maybe look a little like him.” But then it hit me when my dad said:

“Oh no! I am the lucky grandpa! This is my daughter and her own daughter.” Well handled Pops because I almost let out a few curse words. The gang must have been embarrassed because they said their apologies and left the store. Finally.

And then I went on to purchase my lamb… in peace.

Here is my baby girl with her WubbaNub when she was just a few months old. Gosh, has she grown since then.

Here is my baby girl with her WubbaNub when she was just a few months old. Gosh, has she grown since then.


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