Dealing with a Mechanic

Wow. How great it feels to be behind the wheel again.

Windows down, music up, that the way I like to… DRIVE (get your head out of the gutter.)

Wish I looked like this sometimes

Oh Megan Fox, how my husband dreams I knew cars like you did in Transformers.

Anyway, I am so sorry for my darling little one in the back seat. Since it is October in the Chicago-land area, I would like to say I am blasting the heat and she is all snuggled up in her fleece jacket, hat, and boots… I am still rolling down the windows a teensy bit and turning up my volume just enough to hear over the traffic.

I just got my car back. Over the last few months my husband and I have been sharing one car. We got a fancy new car and then our old car that I have had since High School. Our old car one day didn’t start and has just been sitting outside. This is because I haven’t really any place to go during the day. (I have baby to take care of, homework to do, household crap that needs to be done. I got my hands full.)

But, it never feels good when you are stranded. Notta one thing to do if you have an emergency. (Although my husband makes a good point, we live directly across the street from the Hospital if something goes wrong, G forbid.) (Yes, he is my G.)

So this past week we finally got the car into the shop. My husband’s old shop. (Used to be a mechanic so we got some old connections.) All that was wrong was the timing belt! So happy about that. My husband fixed it with no charge of any new parts or nothing.

Dealing with my husband about car situations can be tough. Here is how I get through it.

1. Go along with whatever he says.

Yes, babe. I definitely hear the sound that you are making up. That must not be good for the car. That must be the gadget that hooks up to the ding-dong. 

2. He always knows what he is talking about.

It doesn’t matter that your Dad taught you one thing or another before you met your spouse. Your Dad is wrong. End of story.

3. When you scratch the car, don’t tell him.

It was just a shopping cart. And nobody got hurt. That is all that matters.

4. When he notices the scratch.

Oh no. I didn’t see that! Must have been a hit-and-run. Oh well, nobody got hurt.

5. Pretend to be listening.

Oh, so the who-ha connects to the pumper that fuels the shnitzel. (Wait, what?)

6. Agree with whatever he says.

It doesn’t matter that we changed the brakes 6 months ago. Or changed the oil 2. Every car is different, every driver is different. Don’t complain. Don’t argue. Just go with it. He is going to win this round.

Having a mechanic in the family definitely has its ups and downs. Everytime someone in my family needs something with their car, has a question, or is buying a new one, my husband is the man to go to. And with a big Jewish family like mine, that comes up quite often. For my husband, that can be pretty annoying when he is just trying to watch the Bears game and Jews pop in left and right.

I say oh well, he deserves the attention sometimes.. even if it is unwanted (;


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