Choosing a Costume For Your Baby

I can’t do it. There are too many options. You go into a store and are immediately thrown into a world of well, let’s call it, magic. You can be anything you want one day a year, (without judgement) and that is Halloween.

How am I supposed to choose for my daughter? I don’t know what she is going to want to dress as. She may be a girly girl and want to be a princess… Eh. Too bad. She might want to be a tomboy like I was for so many years.. Can you imagine the chaos I would start if I dressed my daughter in a Bears jersey? What if she wants to be a wizard from Harry Potter? Actually, I would be okay with that.

My first thought was that I wanted to dress her up in a cute little furry monkey costume because her father and I always call her monkey. That was the plan, until my cousin invited me over to her neighborhood to trick or treat with her family. So, as embarrassing parents like to do… we are going to coordinate our babies’ costumes. Her son is going to be Mickey and my little one, Minnie. Pretty average, pretty normal.. pretty SAFE.

Yup, I figure that either way my daughter grows up.. she can’t blame me for dressing her up as Minnie.

And so I thought that since I decided on a costume that it would be easy to get the dress and ears. It wasn’t. I went to Babies’R’Us.. they didn’t have the size I wanted.. I went to Halloween world or whatever they call those big places that rent out the store for two months.. and they had a cheapy looking one. Those cheap ones would be okay if I didn’t want my baby to be comfortable. They look so itchy I wouldn’t be able to keep her in it long enough to get three piece of candy. And is it too hard to put a baby in a red Minnie Mouse costume? Everything is already pink in her world. Why would you make the costume pink when Minnie Mouse is dressed in red?!

Very Cute. Wrong color.

Very Cute. Wrong color.

Very Cute. Too itchy.

Very Cute. Too itchy.

So I went into Target, my last hope. (Yes, my husband wanted to go there first but we had money to Babies’R’Us and then that weird Halloween shop was right next door. What was a mom to do?) And there is was; the perfect costume. And it was affordable!!! Comfortable!!! And in my daughter’s size. When in doubt, go to Target!

I love target. Best deal ever.

I love target.
Best deal ever.

I can’t wait to put my baby in this. And I also bought a separate Minnie Mouse headband that was unreal. It is covered in sequins and she is just going to look so cute. Even if she has to wear an under-shirt and some pants because it is going to be chilly out.

Happy Halloween!


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