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Choosing a Costume For Your Baby

I can’t do it. There are too many options. You go into a store and are immediately thrown into a world of well, let’s call it, magic. You can be anything you want one day a year, (without judgement) and that is Halloween. How am I supposed to choose for my daughter? I don’t know […]

Hunting down WubbaNubs

So yes, I do have that new mommy disease where I go to extreme lengths in order to provide my little darling with just about everything she wants. Or since she is 7 months old, what I think she wants… With that being said… She loves WubbaNubs. They are these very expensive, but very well […]

No wonder there are event planners! Or Jewish mothers.

I am currently planning my daughter’s Baby Naming. A little backround info: This is a Jewish Tradition where the parents gives their children another name, except this time in Hebrew. It follows them through out the course of their Jewish schooling/religon. I am new to this whole party planning crap. I mean, who would have […]